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  1. ✔️ Concept found
  2. ✔️ Name Purshased
  3. ✔️ Build the platform
  4. ✔️ Let NFTs owners advertise on Worldzone.io. Easy to become a famous decision maker and to become a Worldzone partner
  5. ✔️ Creation and publication on Opensea.io of the first 21 NFTs Worldzone countries
  6. 🚧 Improve the design, the security and the speed of Worldzone website
  7. 🚧 Publication of all NFTs Worldzone countries. Easy to buy and sell NFTs countries on Opensea. Easy to become famous.
  8. 🚧 Creation and implementation of the Worldzone token. Be ready for the fairlauch on the BSC Blockchain ! Let’s go to the moon 🚀
  9. 🚧 Creation of the main cities of the countries on the Worldzone 3D globe
  10. 🚧 NFTs countries holders will decide the futur of worldzone.io by a voting system. Exemple of question we will ask to the NFTs countries holders : Would you like to rent your NFTs Worldzone countries to let others advertise during a limited time and earn passive income ?