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What is an NFT ?

An NFT is a kind of digital title associated with a virtual object. It is considered inviolable because it is backed by the blockchain. This information storage and transmission technology is supposed to be particularly reliable because of its decentralized nature. It is not a central body like a central bank, in the case of traditional money, which is the guarantor of the integrity of the asset but a set of different users who control each other.

What is the benefit of buying a Worldzone NFT ?

By purchasing an NFT Worldzone country you will be able to upload your own style to the country or countries you own and be in the spotlight for the whole world to see.
NFT Worldzone country owners will also have a right to your future plans for the Worldzone project.
Worldzone is also planning to create its own cryptocurrency.
One of our main objective is also to propose to NFT Worldzone Country owners the possibility to rent their country for a determined period of time to other people wishing to be displayed on the globe Worldzone.

how do I buy an NFT ?

To buy an NFT Worldzone country you just have to download Metamask, add funds (Ether on the Polygon blockchain) and buy it on the marketplace Opensea.io

I bought an NFT on Opensea, what should I do now ?

Once you have purchased an NFT Worldzone country on Opensea.io you now have the possibility to edit the country in question with your own style. To do so, connect your metamask to worldzone.io, then click on the country you own on the Worldzone 3D globe.
Click on ” edit + name of the country ” on the right sidebar.
Check your ownership.
Fill in the form that appears.
To see all the process check our tutorial in this ” Learn more ” section

What is Metamask ?

MetaMask is not in itself a classic storage wallet. It allows you to use a wallet from your web browser by adding a plugin to it. In order for this to work, you then need to link your storage wallet with Metamask.
Besides simplifying crypto transactions, the plugin has a security very similar to that of classic wallets. Therefore, you should not be afraid to use it in order to make crypto asset transfers.

I need customer support, how can I contact you ?

For any question or customer support you can contact us on our social networks or via our contact form at this address :

Can I sell a previously purchased NFT Worldzone?

Yes you can resell an NFT Worldzone country that you own. You are free to set its price.

Why your NFTs is on Polygon Blockchain ?

Polygon is considered one of the most exciting projects focused on blockchain interoperability and scaling. In addition, Polygon is the only scaling solution to fully support the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), which means that dApps built in the Polygon network will benefit from Ethereum’s network effect without sacrificing its robust security. Polygon’s flexibility is essential to allow developers to create truly interoperable dApps that can benefit from the attributes of multiple interconnected blockchains.
Finally, because Polygon offers multiple scaling mechanisms, they are not likely to become obsolete if a particular solution becomes the industry standard in the future.
The value of Polygon’s scaling technologies is also reflected in MATIC’s price action, as the token jumped during two major corrections in the crypto market this year.
So, as the Ethereum scaling market becomes too crowded in the coming months, Polygon’s first-mover advantage, community support and timely focus may be enough to give it an edge over its competitor.

What are the future plans for Worldzone ?

– Improve Design, website and security
– Create our cryptocurrencie
– Add a voting system for countries holders and let them take decision for the futurs plans of Worldzone
– Add cities
You can see our roadmap here :

I sold my Worldzone NFT, can I still keep the visual on my country ?

Once you have sold an NFT Worldzone country you will not be able to change the country style that appears on the Worldzone globe. Your previous style will remain online until the new owner makes their own customization of that same country.

I want to hold my Worldzone NFT, what will be my future benefits ?

Your globe customization will remain until you own a country.
You will have the possibility to take decisions for the futurs plans of Worldzone by a voting system